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What to Bring to Your Appointment

Call us toll free (888)397-7687 or in San Diego (858)793-7636


List of things to bring to your appointment:


  1. Last 2 (current) pay stubs.
  2. Vehicle registration(s)
  3. Deed(s) of Trust for any home, mobile home, etc.
  4. Copies of year-to-date income for the past 2 years (W2 or Tax forms)
  5. ALL bills and statements from your creditors
  6. Information about any Retirement Accounts you may have


  1. Any pleadings or other legal documents pertaining to the divorce
  2. Personal and employment information for both you and opposing party
  3. Financial information regarding expenses and debts
  4. List of property and other asset holdings

Map to our Law Office

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