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The Law Office of Albert C. Gross offers legal services
in the areas of Family Law and Consumer Bankruptcy.


We represent both females and males in the following
emotionally difficult and legally challenging areas:



When you are at your wits end over the ever-mounting pile of unpaid bills, when further efforts  to negotiate or informally “consolidate and restructure” your debts seem futile,  when you are afraid to open the mail or answer the phone because of creditor harassment, then your only recourse may be bankruptcy.   Our firm philosophy is that those who need a bankruptcy can’t pay top dollar for the experience.   We make our fees affordable by working efficiently and keeping overhead down.


If your income is less than your living expenses, the court probably will allow you to “discharge” many of your debts — the debts will be excused and you will never have to pay them.  Meanwhile, a court imposed “stay” will protect you from all efforts to collect the debts, sue you for them or to enforce existing judgments by such means as garnishment.  Certain debts, such as guaranteed student loans for institutions that remained in business long enough for you to graduate, tax bills less than three years old and child- or spousal support obligations can not be wiped out.  Secured debts — such as automobile loans for which the lender has a lien on the car — probably will have to be paid, if you want to keep the merchandise.    


If enough money is left from your income after living expenses to pay off a reasonable portion of your debts in 36 to 60 months, then the court will allow you to make a monthly payment to the bankruptcy trustee who will pay all your creditors.  In effect, you can restructure and pay off your debt under the protection of the bankruptcy court.  While you are reorganizing and paying off your debts you are protected from other collection by a court-imposed stay.  

We will do your Chapter 13 bankruptcy for you efficiently and at a reasonable price.

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