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Attorney Al - that is, Attorney Albert C. Gross, has created a web site for people who need legal information here in California. On this web site you can ask legal questions, read Attorney Al's answers to questions asked by others, make an appointment for a free consultation with an attorney and much more! Al can point you in the right direction to solve your legal problems on your own, and he can help you determine if you need to retain a lawyer. If attorney fees are beyond your budget, Al suggests Attorney Alternative Service, a paralegal service, where you can afford the help you need with the paperwork. Then you can do it yourself and save.

Browse through the answers to previously asked questions, or submit your questions on any legal topic - no charge. Especially give Al your questions on divorce and family law, bankruptcy and general legal issues. Al can't answer every question; but he tries to keep up with the volume of questions, and he consults colleagues on matters beyond his expertise. Al will e-mail answers and will post the answers to some questions at this site. The anonymity of the questioner will be protected for all answers that Al posts. Al's answers are based on general principles of California Law, and he believes them to be accurate. However, the answers do not constitute legal advice and are not directly applicable to solving anybody's specific legal problem. Not even the problem of the person asking the question. Warning: sending questions to Askattorneyal.com is not meant to take the place of hiring an attorney. The answers are given and published for the purposes of public education and entertainment not as legal advice. Al cannot accept liability for the use made of the answers by questioners who understandably did not have the opportunity to communicate all aspects of their situations.

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