Attorney Albert C. Gross

ALBERT GROSS brings to the practice of law a wealth of experience, education and business acumen which make him an extraordinarily effective family-law advocate and bankruptcy attorney.† He also brings compassion and a genuine desire to help his clients.†

When the occasion calls for it, ALBERT GROSS is an aggressive litigator for his clients, bringing formidable strategic-thinking, oral-advocacy and writing skills to bear.† When his clientsí needs are best served by reaching out-of-court settlement, he can work skillfully either as a negotiator for one client or as a mediator for pairs of clients who give their informed consent to the process.

Before he pursued law studies ALBERT GROSS had already excelled as a management consultant to corporations and government agencies, as the author or coauthor of five books and dozens of articles in major magazines, as a U.S. Navy officer and as a college instructor.†

ALBERT GROSS has earned a bachelorís degree in American History from Columbia University, in New York; a second bachelorís degree in psychology from San Diego State University, a masterís degree in psychology from University of California, San Diego; and a juris doctor from University of San Diego.

Since 1992, ALBERT GROSS has practiced law in San Diego County, California.† His family-law practice includes all aspects of child custody, visitation, child and spousal support, community-property law, domestic-violence restraining orders, guardianship, conservatorship and step-parent adoption.†† He provides expert Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy assistance.†† Because he believes that people in financial distress need assistance they can afford, he has developed efficient systems that allow him to offer Chapter 7 bankruptcy assistance at a price as low as 75 to 80% less than many other local bankruptcy firms.†† He prides himself on his accessibility to his clients and he offers a free initial consultation to individuals who arenít sure who can best help them or what they want to do about their family law problems.

ALBERT GROSS lives, in the north county coastal area, with his wife (a college administrator), two sons (elementary-school age) and the family dog (thought to be half Golden Retriever/half Sheltie).† Some of his hobbies include distance swimming, carpentry and bicycling. 

(For a complete publications list, citing more than 50 articles and five books, please click here.)


Professional journal: Gross, When Agents Pull The Strings, 26 Trial 36 (1990).
Book: S.B. Duke & A.C. Gross, America's Longest War: Rethinking Our Tragic Crusade Against Drugs (1994), Putnam/Tarcher.


NON-ACADEMIC PUBLICATIONS: Books for Macmillan; Dodd, Mead & Co.; Stephen Greene Press/Viking; and Chelsea House.† Magazine topics: business, technology, athletics and popular culture.† Representative magazine credits: Barron's Business Weekly, Scientific American, New York Times Op-Ed Page, Runner, Penthouse, Triathlete, Bicycling and City Sport.

SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL PUBLICATIONS: Article about bicycle aerodynamics featured on cover of Scientific American.† Published other research in fields of management, public administration, psychology, exercise physiology and athletics.

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